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Zupay | Quienes Somos


Zupay was born in the '70s. Its founder, who had already had vast experience in the food sector, motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit, decided to fulfill his dream of setting up his own factory. That is why he acquired a plant in Luján, Buenos Aires Province, and started manufacturing mainly amarettis and wafers under brand name Sobrino. The company grew in infrastructure and machinery due to market acceptance and created a new product portfolio under the brand Zupay, which included cakes, cookies, and mini muffins.

Decades later, after steady growth, a new plant located in Open Door, Buenos Aires Province, was acquired, thus considerably increasing production to meet market demand. Such entrepreneurial spirit, which helped the dream come true, is still intact and it is reflected in the continuous professionalization of the different sectors of the company as well as in their investments, which allow for the manufacture of innovative and high quality products.


Our products undergo a strict quality control during all the stages of the production process and during distribution. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals.


Providing high quality food products for those who want to experience new flavors to supplement their daily food intake.


Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and responsibility. This set of values is reflected in all our company areas.